These are some testimonials that have been sent in by our clients.

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"I experienced many 'ah-ha' moments!"

Hi Tze Meng!

I am very much thankful to the session I had with you. Though, the session was just an hour, it deeply impacted and the thoughts followed and stayed with me for many my days after the session.

As the days passed, I gained insights and renewed my confidence that I am on the track.

I have been experiencing many "ah-ha" moments recalling the "open loops" you left with me.

Currently, I am still in progress pursuing and doing what I wanted to.  Along the way, I made  A few adjustments here and there, yet I am comfortable and confident that all is well.

Thanks for being a great coach and friend! 

Yully Chandra
Forex & Commodity Trader / Entrepreneur

"I made peace with myself"

There were times before where I struggled with myself. It was a battle between my thoughts & feelings.  It was tiring & I couldn't understand y my share of struggles internally were constant.  My head would be telling me this & my heart would voice out its concern.  I thought I was going mad.

I wasn't, of course, I realize after I attended the Enneargram workshop.  After the workshop, I had a greater understanding of my personality.  I was a Type 4 with an equally high score in Type 7.

This realization shed light on why i had been feeling that my decisions were always in conflicts with my head & heart. 

I made peace within myself. I acknowledged and accepted myself for who I was, am and going to be. 

This is the greatest gift I have given to myself.

Adelene Tan
Blogger / Entrepreneur

"I lowered my medication level!"

I’ve been suffering from depression since December 2009. The condition and its medication have cost me dearly in my professional and personal life. When Tze Meng first told me that it was possible to manage my emotions without medication, I was skeptical because I’ve been unsuccessful despite trying various means available to me.

I have traced the root causes of my depression to high levels of stress at work and in the family. What has continued to trigger episodes of depression have been the hurt caused by two people I could not forgive. As much as I wanted to knew it would free me to forgive them, I did not know how to and no one I knew could help.

Since beginning therapy with Tze Meng, I have learnt how to forgive through the use of self-hypnosis. It has given me emotional freedom of a kind that I could not find till now. Even better, Tze Meng has shown me a better way to manage my emotions without the use of medication.

Christopher Lim

"Keep Touching Lives!"

Since we first started our life coaching sessions, it is coming to a year. Firstly, i want to thank you for the immense contribution that you have made in my life through your life coaching.
Initially when i first engaged your coaching services, i was unsure what to expect. However, the outcome and results were beyond my expectations. The benefits flowed into the different aspects of my life which saw me becoming more confident and clearer of my directions. One of the tangible benefits is an increment of my salary by at least 10% with a promotion being less than 3 years with my present company.
Your non-judgemental and sincere coaching style have help me open up and face the issues within myself. Through your honest feedback and versatility in coaching, it has enable me to break my limitations and produce results in my life. Thank you for moving me towards realising my potential. Your coaching has substance. You are a Life Coach that i will definitely recommend to others. Keep touching lives!

Lois Setoh
eBay Marketer

"Beneficial Insights"

Thank you for conducting this special Valentine Day Enneagram workshop. It has provided me with beneficial insights into Nicholas and myself. Now, I am able to understand both of us much better.

As I reflect back on certain past unhappy events which had occurred, it all makes sense now why we exhibited those behaviors and this makes me more able to accommodate and be forgiving towards Nicholas. Thanks for your suggestions and examples on how we can move towards to be more resourceful and improve our relationship.

I would say this workshop is indeed worth my time. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, had lotsa fun and laughter and also brought back with me invaluable knowledge.

Nicholas & Vanessa
Husband & Wife

"Super Accurate Enneagram Analysis"

"Before attending Enneagram seminar, I never trust in any seminars and models in the market that claim that they will help and improve our lives as I feel that these are gimmicks that people use to earn/con our money. I was introduce to a few models in polytechnic back but felt that it wasn't true and helpful at all. My perception has changed after attending Enneagram. The model and together with your analysis and explanation (both on and off stage) blew my mind off totally because you read me like a book. Everything that you have said and describe on me is right on the spot with precision. It is super accurate! Both of us appreciate the time that you have spent with us over the lunch and we enjoyed chatting with you."

Norman Tan & Natalie Chan
Accountants in their 20s

"One of the Best certified coaches"

“My experience of Tze Meng is that he is a passionate and experienced coach. His core strength is his knowledge domain, as he keeps on learning new skill and acquiring additional knowledge - one of the best certified coaches I know in Singapore.”

Jack Wong
Trainer, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

"A Gem to the world"

“It will not be an exaggeration to say that Tze Meng is a gem to the world! He is grounded, reliable, experience and has great intentions to whomever he is working with and helping. He has wide experiences in life, well read and devoted himself to what he does and likes best, which is help people discover their own potential and find resources to build a meaningful life. He gives his best to whomever he is working with and will think of different, creative ways to enable the person to have his/her own internal realizations. I know all this because I'm a beneficiary of his excellent coaching.” 

Alan Leong
Recruitment & Placement Professional

"Intuitive Hypnotherapist and Coach"

“Tze Meng is an incredible Hypnotherapist and Coach who is highly intuitive and knows how to make the most of that quality to his client’s best benefits. He is sensitive and very generous which has tremendously helped me get over some of my fears to allow me to move forward faster. Tze Meng has also taught me great tools that I can now always use to be a better me. I am very thankful to Tze Meng for all he has done for me in a very professional way and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life and live a happier and richer life.”

Jasmine Chevallaz Meierhofer