MM Grower

We are a Singapore-based company that provides professional services on Coaching in life, business & career, Corporate training, Enneragram Profiling, Extended DISC Profiling, MBTI and hypnotherapy.

Our Trainers

MM Grower Trainer

Chin Tze Meng

Professional Certified Coach, ICF
EQ Certified Consultant
Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming,
Enneagram Trainer, Extended DISC Senior Trainer,
MBTI Practitioner,

Tze Meng is a passionate, personable and inspiring trainer and coach who has honed his craft over the past 5 years, having worked with many clients and touched their lives in more than one way.

He champions each individual and their organization in their growth; for he believes that unlimited potential exists in all of his clients.

He has conducted training for people from all walks of life across various industries and companies, including Caterpillar, ACE Insurance, Barclays, Citibank, IBM, SingTel and HP.

As a Professional Certified Coach, he walks the journey with his clients towards their goals, picking up gems, insights and learning along the way.

Tze Meng is also a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a NGH-Certified (National Guild of Hypnosis, USA) Hypnotherapist, 5-PATH® Master Hypnotist and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher, all of which empower him to guide his clients to resolve deep rooted issues and challenges.

Being trained in EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360, Enneagram, Extended DISC and MBTI, he uses these tools to bring awareness to his clients, facilitate the desired changes, allowing the manifestation of the full potential of his clients.

With his varied skills and experience in Corporate, Business, Information Technology, Construction, Telecommunications, Project Management and Training and Development, Tze Meng has integrated his knowledge into the training and coaching that he conducts.