We challenge, champion and cheer you as you walk your journey towards your goals; your growth. We encourage you to be comfortable, in being uncomfortable as you experience change, improvement and growth.

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  • Business owners who want to bring their businesses to higher levels
  • Executives who want a sounding board and sparring partner to generate ideas with
  • Working adults who constantly strive to better their work standards
  • Individuals seeking balance in their lives – work, social, finance etc.
  • Teams seeking to explore and improve team dynamics

Aside from creating heightened awareness for you and allowing you to discover the myriad of options available, coaching enriches you to make good decisions and choices. There are different profiling tools such as EQ-i 2.0, Enneagram, Extended DISC and MBTI that we use and customise the coaching sessions based on individuals

Contrary to popular belief, coaching is not about mentoring, neither is it about therapy. Coaching simply focuses your sense of direction and inspires you to forge ahead despite the odds while appreciating lessons that you have learnt from present moments.

Choose between the recommended 12-sessions coaching series or the single coaching sessions. Contact us to sign up now or arrange for a one-hour coaching session to find out more.