Building good relationships at work

Posted: 1 Nov 2018 | Coaching, Work, Relationships

Friendships and partnerships are an essential part of life. One cannot survive without social interactions and friendships. And it’s the same in the workplace. In fact it’s proven by science.

According to the Gallup Organization, people who have a best friend at work are seven times more likely to be engaged in their jobs. And it doesn't even have to be a best friend: Gallup found that people who simply had a good friend in the workplace are more likely to...

How is Extended DISC different from DISC?

Posted: 15 Feb 2016 |

Written by Markku Kauppinen
Article from Extended DISC 

Many people find it surprising that no one owns “DISC”.  It is a theory that was originally developed in 1928 by William Moulton Marston.  The DISC-model is in public domain and there are a few companies that have created their proprietary DISC assessments.
This blog covers these main points:

- “Work role” vs....

Key to Success

Posted: 14 May 2013 | coaching, motivation, success, business, unwavering, faith


I met Jeslyn, a successful coach for champion learners. She was sharing with me her success formula in this business of being a champion coach.

Jeslyn sent her children to this program and saw outstanding results. She became a firm believer of the program and the good that awaits all children.

She trains children and imparts them with learning skills. She also walks the journey with parent so that parent learn how to support their children in their...

Are you a Conscious Parent?

Posted: 24 Apr 2013 | Enneagram, styles, parenting, ennea-type, conscious, coaching, blind spots


Conscious Parenting: Parenting styles of the Different Enneagram Types

When parents first become aware of their enneagram type, there is often a instinctive need to then ask about what parents know about the ennea-types of their children, and more often than not, parents type their kids even if they are told that the child’s personality is still malleable and developing.

Rather then focus on...

The Give Of Love

Posted: 18 Mar 2013 | Relationship, Coaching, Motivation, Five Love Languages, Giving


In all relationships, there will always be give and take. Perhaps your mind immediately thinks of love relationships between husband and wife, intimate lovers and dating couples. I believe that relationships go far beyond just these, any engagement between two persons is essentially a relationship. So between siblings, friends, business contacts and even people you have met for the very first time. From that viewpoint, everyone is in a relationship in some form.


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