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Extended DISC® Profiling

The Extended DISC® behavioural profiling tool is an internationally validated system that has benefitted individuals and organisations worldwide.

How Does It Work?

The Extended DISC® suite is primarily founded on the Personal Analysis – a behavioural inventory that describes a person’s natural reaction mode or behavioural style in different situations. The Extended DISC® Personal Analysis uses the data to provide customised reports on individual, teams and organisations.

How Can It Be Applied?

The Extended DISC® has found widespread application in the areas of communication, teambuilding, coaching, recruitment, staff development and job-fit analysis.

What Is In Store For Me?

The Extended DISC® produces a Personal Analysis for you – a 10 minute web based assessment that generates a 23 page multifaceted, customised report for each participant. Extended DISC® takes the inputted data and uses e-based software to create customised reports for users.

Who Is It Suitable For?

  • Individual
    • This offers you a better understanding of your behaviour type, style and tendencies. These insights would help you to ascertain and alter your behaviour accordingly in situations so as to avoid conflict. It can help you realise your natural and adaptive tendencies in behavioural styles in a given situation.
  • Organisation
    • The Extended DISC® system is a suit of integrated tools for enhancing individual, team and organisational performance. Extended DISC applications include leadership development, organisation development, sales, communication and interaction skills training, customer service training etc.

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