The light bulb must want to change.

Posted: 6 Apr 2012 | coaching, NLP, WFO, well formed outcome, change, nail biting

Andy is a nail biter.

Friends and family have encouraged Andy to stop biting his nails, as they saw it as a bad habit. However, Andy is perfectly happy just the way he is. At a session with me, he even joked that because of the habit, he does not need to spend money buying nails clippers. “See, my nails are all straight, aren’t they?” He happily added.

Andy bites his nails when he is bored. He bites his nails when he...

Wonderful Coaching Session

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 | coaching, motivation, actions, Linh, learnings, insights

I wrote this article after Linh's coaching session with me just last night. Thank you Linh, for a wonderful session.

Looking back at those early days, I was engaged as Linh's career coach, during a time when she was considering a career change and possibly a clearer direction forward. By the 4th session, she has gone for two interviews, and by the 5th, she has accepted a new role.

Linh's coaching journey with me started 3 years ago, and it is now...


Posted: 29 Mar 2012 | coaching, writing, motivation, decision, articles, procrastination, beliefs

Today I come to a decision. I will continue to write and post articles onto my website.

When I first set up the “articles” section of my website, the intention was to share interesting and motivational news and information, and in doing so, to drive traffic to my website. This intention remains unchanged from day one.

There was a time when I wrote and posted daily. I stopped because of feedback that I wasn’t writing well enough. On hindsight, I now believe...

What has rock climbing got to do with Life

Posted: 15 Feb 2012 | motivation, ted talks, life, rock climbing, success


Thought for Today #11

Posted: 29 Jan 2012 | motivation, thought for today, love, valentine, mbti, relationship

"Find the person who will love you because

of your differences and not in spite of them

and you have found a love for life."

Leo Buscaglia


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