Small Changes

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 | small change, movitation, coaching, password, change your password change your life

It was said that if someone is willing to commit to just one change, no matter how small, this single catalyst, like a domino that has be toppled, will lead to massive change.

Let's take an example.
There are people in our lives who may seems less than positive, leaning towards negative thoughts or complaints. Perhaps that person is you. Would you believe that nothing will change your mood, "it's just the way I am!", and this is just the way "I" am.

Experiment with this.
Do you have a password that you enter on a daily basis? Choose one that you frequently access.

Change your password to something positive, memorable yet secure, such as:


I did an experiment some time back to change my daily password from "crazy sys" to describe how lousy the computer network was, to "lifegreatne55"

In small way, my mind starts to anchor to thoughts of life and it's infinite wealth and greatness, just like a farmer plants a small seed into fertile soil.

And you will find that your outlook changes too!

Test it out, and be surprised! What small change will you manifest in your life today?

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