Key to Success

Posted: 14 May 2013 | coaching, motivation, success, business, unwavering, faith


I met Jeslyn, a successful coach for champion learners. She was sharing with me her success formula in this business of being a champion coach.

Jeslyn sent her children to this program and saw outstanding results. She became a firm believer of the program and the good that awaits all children.

She trains children and imparts them with learning skills. She also walks the journey with parent so that parent learn how to support their children in their journey towards being a champion learner.

She worked in a corporate, a regional role. The late conference calls and constant travelling took a toll on family life. So when her son suggested for her to stop work and be around more often, she took the bold step out of corporate and be a business owner herself!

The first two years of her business wasn’t do rosy. Sales are sporadic, many a times, Jeslyn found that the more she wanted to close the sales, the more she couldn’t. On the verge of giving up with dismal results, a big contrast to her wonderful performance in the corporate.

The turning point was a movie screening cum pep-talk by the CEO. It was a movie that Jeslyn had seen before, what was different this time, was that lessons were drawn from the movie and the message came to her loud and clear : “To succeed, one must have unwavering faith” and she proceed to show me a definition of faith which she kept in her phone to remind herself. With this new found faith, she changed her attitude and approach to the business. Jeslyn began to do her best to help those children and families that she came into contact with. She found out that the more she help from her heart, the higher her sales figures were and she became the top 5 of the business last year. The more she care, the more help she gave, the more she got back.

Regardless if you are a businessman, entrepreneur or employee, to be successful in what we do, we must have that fiery passion that propels towards our goals, the heart to do good for the well being of others and that unwavering faith to accompany us when we weather the tough and challenging times.

As I end this article with Rabindranath Tagore’s definition of faith, I invite you to reflect :

-       What is success to me?

-       Why am I doing what I am doing everyday? What drives me?

-       What is my greater purpose in life? What is my unwavering faith telling me?

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