Guestpost - The greatest gift of being a Coach

Posted: 8 Jan 2012 | Greatest gift, coach, Motivation, guest post

Article contributed by Qiuling. Being a coach is more than wanting to "make it BIG". Being a coach is the fulfillment of my client going beyond the perceived limitations and boundaries.

One of the greatest gift that a coach look forward is the commitment that a client give to their commitment to themselves.

'What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.'

-- Eleanor Powell

I could direct it straight to Tze Meng. I'm certain he could answer this so efficiently, it would probably be a quote, or a one-liner that could blow you out of the water.

Then again, if it is so, I shouldn't bother to write an article in the first place. I couldn't be writing one sentence in an article. Gasp. It would be obvious that I am slacking.

Then again, if I do so, this important message, however short and simple, may never be spread out to the world.

Something so important, that everyone deserves to hear upon this.
It's your birthright.

If I could only use one reason to encourage you to take up coaching, this shall be it.

The Client.
You'll be the greatest gift for being a Coach.

When you choose to make the commitment to change, even if you are afraid of the unknown.
When you choose to say "Yes!" to your goals, even if you have denied "No" for all these years.
When you choose to shut up your naysayers by your actions, external and internal, even if you question yourself.

When you have so many choices and temptation, you choose your Coach to be the one to support you to get to your outcome.

The most important choice, is that you choose yourself.
You see yourself as a gift, the gift to the world, the chosen one who can really make the difference.

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