Exponential Tipping Point

Posted: 2 Sep 2012 | coaching, tipping point, exponential, profits, awareness, time

“When will my business take off and the profits grow exponentially?”

“When is the turning point?”


If this question sounds familiar, you are most likely an entrepreneur.


As business owners, we invest time, effort and energy into our business. It is a labor of love, and we do this often at the expense of others; time that can be spent on our loved ones, on healthful activities that can improve our state of being, and activities that build relationships that matter.


Most businesses start with a lot of effort invested: time, creativity, marketing, creating a plan, growing a customer base. We persevere with an expectation that it will reach a certain point where the returns kick in in a significant way, and that is the tipping point that Malcolm Gladwell spoke of in his book “the Tipping Point”


With our attention pinned on the expected exponential growth, we forget that the initial takeoff is slow to the extent of unperceivable growth, until the tipping point is reached and passed.


The same is true for salaried working adults, middle managers and professionals.

It is an often quoted statistic that 20% of the work force commands 80% of the total payroll on most organizations.


Having said that, money and material success is not everything there is to life.


Recently, I was told a true story of a very busy dad, a C-level executive of a global MNC and his teenage daughter, and his journey of discovery through a process where he reviewed his personal “story”. By story, we mean the script, and the contents that we tell ourselves about why we do things, and how things happen.


It’s a process where we make sense of our world, and as humans, our brains are predisposed to tell stories. This is the map of our world.


Back to the high flying executive. He discovered that although his daughter was most important in his life, or so he committed. In the pursuit of creating material success for his daughter’s benefit, he has totally, and deeply neglected his daughter, hardly spending any personal time with her. And as a result, his daughter has nothing but hostility and coldness for him.


With this new awareness, this gentleman made a commitment to both his daughter and himself to have dinner every Wednesday together, no compromise.


The first few times, his daughter didn’t show up at dinner, so deep was the hurt. When his daughter did show, she was often seated with her back to him. Weeks, months passed. He persisted. And one fine day, his daughter finally accepted him and allowed him to be the father that they both wanted him to be – loving, interested, committed; it was 3 years later from the date he started.


What would you be willing to do, what would you pursue to create the story that you deeply want? What will make your story meaningful?


And would you be willing that accept that the tipping point comes later than what you planned or envisaged? How much do you want to succeed at your goal?


If the Why is what you want, can and will you continue taking massive actions, moving in the direction of your mission, remaining true to your Why?


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