Zero Context

Posted: 23 Apr 2012 | coaching, motivation, actions, NLP, context, content, minor irritation list

Zero, numerically, means nothing.

Zero, in the language sense, also means nothing.

So, Zero is, well, zero.

Seemingly insignificant, zero can make a difference when the context changes. Similarly, minor irritations that we encounter daily, we can live with those. However, when context changes, a small issue may be the catalyst for certain actions that may change lives. After all, every snowball starts as a snowflake.

Zero, doesn't really count, right? I mean it is zero, zilch, nothing.

Zero become significant when there is a numeral following it or when there is a decimal place preceding it.

Led by a numeral, any zeros makes the number grow by ten times or more! Trailing behind decimal point, adding zero makes the number decrease by ten times. Significant...

Someone Sometime

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 | coaching, motivation, actions, someone, sometime, everyone, all the time, perfect, perfectionist, nlp

Recently, I read an article about the challenges of being a perfectionist in today's society. I was reminded of Roy Hunter's words, "Not all therapies work for everyone all the time. However, some therapies work for someone sometimes." If we only focused on therapies that worked on everyone, all the time, the world would be a much poorer place.

Some of my clients are anxious to see immediate results when they come to see me; well, there is nothing wrong that expectation. It's just that these clients are, unfortunately, setting themselves up for disappointment.

Yes, contrary to what some people may believe, creating disappointment takes effort. First, you must have an unrealistic goal, experience the first taste of...

You dare to be responsible for your life?

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 | coaching, motivation, actions, choice, responsible, taking charge, take charge, life

There is a saying that goes “When we do not take charge of our life, someone will. Since it’s not their life, they will almost certainly always mess it up.”

How do you view your life? Do you make and standby the decisions in your life? Are you and have you been responsible for who you are today?

Today, an interesting discussion came up that “not everyone is willing to make conscious decisions about their lives.” Most people know what they DO NOT want, however, the same cannot be said for knowing what they DO want. Even when they know, they may not be willing to be responsible of the choices they make.

Humans are biologically programmed towards self preservation, and to seek...

insomnia due to fear

Posted: 14 Apr 2012 | coaching, therapy, insomnia, sleep, car accident, conscious unconscious subconscious

All of us manage our lives relying heavily on both our conscious and unconscious minds. Doing so allows us to operate efficiently, and automates much of our everyday life.

Our automatic response sustains us, allowing normal responses such as breathing, drawing away from hot objects etc to ensure our safety. However, this same system is a double edged sword, as we will see from the story below.

At the time of the mishap, Desmond had been working so hard that he slept only 2 to 3 hours over 4 nights. He was driving along the expressway in the afternoon on the way home for some long overdue rest.

Desmond must have dozed off as he was driving, and his car slowly veered right...

The light bulb must want to change.

Posted: 6 Apr 2012 | coaching, NLP, WFO, well formed outcome, change, nail biting

Andy is a nail biter.

Friends and family have encouraged Andy to stop biting his nails, as they saw it as a bad habit. However, Andy is perfectly happy just the way he is. At a session with me, he even joked that because of the habit, he does not need to spend money buying nails clippers. “See, my nails are all straight, aren’t they?” He happily added.

Andy bites his nails when he is bored. He bites his nails when he is nervous. He bites his nails when he is thinking. He bites his nails, all the time. And precisely because Andy derives pleasure from nail biting, he sees no conscious need for change.

Would you be keen to know, as a...