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We are a Singapore-based company that provides professional services on Coaching in life, business & career, Corporate training, Enneragram Profiling, Extended DISC Profiling, MBTI and hypnotherapy.

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Associate Certified Coach, ICF
Results Certified Coach

Akiyo is a coach who has strong passion on coaching and supporting people to be able to navigate themselves to success and their personal growth in both personally and professionally with clear understanding of managing the multicultural team in current corporate world.

She worked with middle to senior management in Financial, IT, Education, HR, consulting, operations, marketing from Hong Kong, Japan, mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Philippines, Oman, US, and Australia.

Her coaching approach focuses on the individual’s core value system, which is a critical factor in decision-making. Her philosophy is centered around creating alignment within an individual, as a well- balanced mind brings continual success in the long run.

15 years of experience in multi-cultural MNC environments such as American Express International Inc, Citibank N.A., SAP Asia, and in a variety of functions ranging from Operations to Business Development.

Her experience is not limited to management but also actual involvement in ground work with international teams on cross-border assignments. With the strong corporate experience, she is skilled at getting to the root of ‘what’s really going on’ in various challenging situations.

Languages: English, Japanese, Mandarin,
Countries Lived: Singapore, Japan, Canada, China, Hong Kong .